4 Effects of Climate Change

In the last three decades, climates in different parts of the world have changed. Daytime temperatures are higher, rainfall patterns have changed, and storms seem to have become stronger. This is the biggest problem we’re facing right now. The worst thing about this problem is that it’s affecting the things we care about. Let’s at 4 effects of climate change.

Severe and Long-Lasting Heatwaves

Even though heatwaves have been around since the world was formed, they were not common and whenever they happened, they were not serious. Now, they’ve become common, severe, and they last for long periods. They have become so intense to the point that they’re melting glaciers.

More Hurricane Occurrences

Due to climate change, sea surface temperatures have risen. This has led to the addition of heat energy and water vapor into the air. These conditions can lead to hurricanes and make them even more dangerous. When a weak storm passes through a place with warm water, it can grow into a big hurricane quickly. This can result in lots of damage, injuries, and loss of life.

More Diseases

We all know that disease-carrying organisms thrive well in places with extreme heat waves, heavy rains, and warm temperatures. These organisms leave places that are too cold and migrate to areas that are warmer. And if there are water deposits in these places, that is where they reproduce. Examples of organisms which thrive well in waterborne and warmer places are protozoa, viruses, and bacteria.

Mass Migration

Changes in climate have prompted people to leave their homes because of increased flooding, drought, and other disasters. People are forced to leave their homes due to crop failures, animal death, and water scarcity. People all around the world have moved from rural areas to urban centers.

These are some of the effects of climate change. There are others, such as wildfires and wildlife death. Since these effects are all devastating, it’s vital that we work together and come up with ways to fix this problem – read article on what changes the climate.

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